Bridal Shower Bracelet Game (Set of 18)


Price: $25.00


Ladies make the bridal shower a fun event with this Bridal Shower Bracelet Game!  

Game Includes:

18 aqua-colored bracelets which are made of stretchable silicone and say "old...new" & "borrowed...blue.

How To Play:

  1. As your guests arrive at the bridal shower, give each guest a bracelet to wear.
  2. Once all of your guests have arrived, explain the rules of this game by informing your guests that the words "bride" and "wedding" (or any words you prefer to use) are off-limits.
  3.  The chosen words may not be spoken throughout the entire bridal shower. If a guest is caught saying one of these words, the guest who caught her is allowed to take her bracelet.
  4. At the end of the bridal shower, the guest with the most bracelets on her wrist wins a prize. And all of the other guests are allowed to keep any bracelets they are still wearing.

Have Fun & Good Luck!