Eye Poppin Headwear

Hens Night Accessories

You’ve picked the date for the bride-to-be’s hens night. You’ve decided if the party is going to be naughty or nice (or maybe even a little of both). Now it’s time to gather up the perfect hens night accessories.

We have a wide collection of hens night accessories to make your Queen Hen’s party one to remember. It’s her last night of freedom, after all. You want it to be special. And the place to start is with our eye poppin’ headware. When the point of the night is for your bride to get a lot of attention, you can’t go wrong with an outrageous headdress!

Is your bride a little shy? She’ll love the bride to be tiara and veil or the LIGHT UP Party veil. Maybe she wants to be super sassy on her last night of freedom. Then the FLASHING Pink Willy Bopper or the Deluxe Pecker Tiara are the tickets. You may even be able to make the bride blush. You are guaranteed to get her noticed with our hens party supplies.

While you’re outfitting the bride, don’t forget to look at our sassy hens sashes and fun drink essentials… she will really feel like Queen Hen in her all of special hens night accessories!

Don’t stop with the bride. We have headwear for the whole party. After all, you don’t the bride to be to get all the attention, or have all the fun! You’ll look smashing in the Bridesmaid Head Bopper or the Pink Willy Head Bopper. And we have sashes and other fun toys for you too.

Are you ready to have the best hens night ever?