Games for the Naughty or Nice

Hens Night Games for the Naughty or Nice

What is the key to a truly memorable hens night? Let us tell you—it’s the hens party games. That’s right. Hens night games keep the party going and the laughs coming.

Planning a hens night is fun, but it can also be a little difficult—you want everything to be perfect for your bride to be. Making sure you’ve invited the right people, pleasing everyone—that’s a lot for you to deal with. So when the night comes, you are going to want to blow off some steam and get the conversation rocking! Within moments, our hens night games will have everyone mingling, laughing and having the time of their lives. And yes, there will be some very red cheeks before long.

Naughty or nice (and sometimes a little humiliating), BuckingHEN Palace has games that cater for your party style. Pin the Macho on the Man will test everyone’s knowledge of male anatomy with hilarious results. Or try our Bride to Be Spin Book where everyone acts out amusing dares, tells naughty truths, and knocks back fun drinks as the girls participate in outrageously entertaining antics! 

It’s also fun to give away party prizes—maybe a beautiful bouquet of flowers or some gorgeous wine glasses. Our Wedding Ring Scratch Off game cards are a fun and way to pick the winners—each set of cards has one lucky winner.

With our hens night games, your bride to be will never forget this perfect party. And you may learn a few things about the bride’s granny you never expected to know.