Party Decorations

Hens Night Decorations

Have you decided where you’re throwing your bride to be’s hen party? Maybe you’re planning a raucous night at the pub where you know she’ll see everyone she knows. Or perhaps you plan to invade a swank lounge. You may even want to have a “quiet” evening in with just a few good friends and a lot of naughty party games.

Wherever you plan to throw the party, you need hens party decorations that set the right tone. Start with balloons and party flags, but don’t forget the spinning party light and mini stickers. We have an assortment of hens night decorations that will make your bride to be smile, and make your party memorable.

Fun Ways to Use Your Hens Night Decorations 

Here are our favorite ways to put your hens night decorations to good use.

  • Stringing a party flags close to the bar draws attention and lets everyone know something special is happening on the night. 
  • Pick up a few gold or silver markers and have the cutest guys in the bar sign the balloons—we guarantee the messages will be hilarious.
  • Announce its time for body shots with the spinning party light. Everyone—especially all those cute guys—will want to stop and cheer the bride on. Check out our drink cups just in case the bride wants drinks for everyone.

BuckingHEN Palace has set high standards for sourcing suppliers to cater for your hens party decorations. Make sure your party is a memorable for your Special Queen Hen!