Sassy Sashes

Sassy Hens Night Sashes

You found the eye popping headwear, and now you need sassy hens night sashes to go with the boppers! Brides to be love being the centre of attention on their last night out, and our hens night sashes let everyone know they’re out for their special night (just in case the tiara didn’t give it away).

We have a variety of hens night sashes—from bright and flashy to more sophisticated. Our hot pink flashing bride to be sash is sure to turn heads, while our black bride to be sash is a more subtle and refined look.

Don’t think the bride is the only who gets to have fun! We have hens night sashes for the mums, bridesmaids, and friends. Everyone gets to enjoy the fun of wearing a sparkly sash at your party.

Ideas for Your Hens Night Sashes

  • Gather up some silver, gold or black pens and prepare for a laugh when you have the cutest guys in the bar sign the sashes. The bride’s signed sash will be a great souvenir of her hens night. 
  • Use the sashes to save the bride and her party seats at the bar. Just hang the sash over the back of the seat and the bride will have someplace to rest all night long.
  • Sashes aren’t just for the hens night. Wear them to all of the pre-wedding festivities so everyone knows who is who in the bridal party.

Whether you are looking for a wild night out on the town or a quiet dinner with close friends, hens night sashes are a party must-have. Enjoy our entire collection.